Our partners help deliver our customers the best product on the market.

CertainTeed Solar

CertainTeed has been a leader in the building products industry for more than 110 years. Unlike other solar systems that have separate warranties from each component manufacturer, you get one all-encompassing warranty with CertainTeed, covering all system components.  In addition, the professional installation of your system is also covered for up to 25 years when you work with a CertainTeed-credentialed solar installer. All BVI Solar systems with CertainTeed panels are covered by the strongest warranty in the industry.

Approved Home Pros

When you use a pro in the Approved Home Pros network, you’ll have confidence knowing you’re covered by the Approved Home Pros Guarantee. BVI Solar is proud to be a part of this distinguished network and wholeheartedly stands by this guarantee.

Solar energy Industries Association

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA®) is the driving force behind solar energy and is building a  strong solar industry to power America through advocacy and education. As the national trade association for the U.S. solar energy industry, which employs more than 242,000 Americans, we represent all organizations that promote, manufacture, install and support the development of solar energy. SEIA works with its 1,000  member companies to build jobs and diversity, champion the use of cost-competitive solar in America, remove market barriers and educate the public on the benefits of solar energy.

California Solar & Storage Association

The mission of the California Solar & Storage Association is to promote the widespread deployment of smart, local, clean energy technologies while supporting a wide variety of businesses that everyday build a better energy future in urban and rural communities and neighborhoods throughout the state. For nearly forty years, we have put in place solar and storage policies and programs that have made California one of the biggest and most successful solar markets in the world. The California Solar & Storage Association has played a leading role in legislation such as the California Solar Initiative, the Solar Rights Act, and recent laws limiting permit fees and boosting clean energy incentives.